Praxis Services


Physiotherapy Services

We separate ourselves from other therapist because we know that specific, personalised and evidence based physiotherapy is the most effective and efficient method.

We provide​:

  • ​A thorough and accurate assessment of your condition
  • Clear and concise education of the contributing factors
  • A treatment session that includes
  • hands on mobilisation techniques to ease your pain
  • motor control training to improve the way you move
  • soft tissue techniques
  • dry needling therapy
  • therapeutic exercise
  • Effective planning of your rehabilitation and include you in the decision making process. It’s your body!
  • Longer initial consultation times so you don’t feel rushed

​Our sessions also:

  • Have NO overlap of patients to ensure 100% focus on you
  • Use NO electrotherapeutic agents – TENS, Ultrasound, IFT etc – in session
  • Use NO heat or ice packs in session
  • Actively seek collaboration with other medical, health and fitness professionals

All of this equates to more time spent on understanding your issue and providing the best and most recent evidence based ‘hands on’ manual therapy.

​So if you are after a dedicated physio who is passionate about fixing your problems, we’d be delighted to help you on your rehabilitation journey.