Final measures have been taken. Numbers crunched and the results are in…

But first, a massive congratulations to all our 30 Day Challengers who recently completed a gruelling but rewarding 30 days of Reformer Pilates. Participants completed a suite of baseline strength measures (recording maximum repetitions) on the reformers and then underwent a structured program devised by our clinical Pilates guru’s Emma, Karen and Kylie. No two workouts were the same and challengers used their 20 classes over the 30 days to take giant strides in improving their pilates technique and strength.

We had an eager and wide range of participants from the sporting to the previously sedentary office worker. All participants have reported how strong they feel after only a month with further benefits felt in enhanced posture and energy levels.

During this challenge, our participant’s average improvement to their baseline testing was more than 80%! Special mentions to Dominique P, whose push ups went from 15 to 43 repetitions. Sandra L doubled her ab curl ups to record the highest measure of 120 reps and increased her scooter lunge a whopping 55 reps!

But there can only be one winner from each clinic. Our winners were *drumroll please* Michael B. from Club Coops Carseldine and Siobhan E. from the X-Centre in the Valley. Michael in particular blew the competition away with calf raises progressing from 38 to 105 reps, footwork (on all springs) from 40 to a mammoth 120 reps! Not to be outdone, Siobhan almost doubled her abdominal curls to 118 and added almost 40 reps to her Scooter lunge!

Michael and Siobhan each receive a FREE 5-Pack as a reward for effort and dedication during the colder months of the year! Great stuff!!

Congratulations again to all our participants and our winners Michael and Siobhan. Stay tuned for the next challenge date which we’ll have a few added surprises and bonuses included!

Yours in Health,

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