ANSWER: FICTION (Mostly – stay with us here) 🙊 Do you keep getting injured when you get back into your usual training after a period of rest 😤? The first graph shows a 65-day cycle of an Olympic athlete. The red lines indicate when the athlete was injured. Looking at the multi-coloured line, you can see that the injuries both occurred when the acute to chronic workload ratio was at its peak. Essentially that means that the loads that preceded the injury were too high relative to the longer term loading of the tissue 😫. This is typically called an overuse injury! Then along comes Mr/Ms physio and looks at the above cycle and says to the Olympian, “Come on mate, we can do better than this…” 😎 Ta da. The second graph shows the yellow section outlining the above 65-day period.
Mid Potion Achilles Tendinopathy Location

As you can see, training following this period is much more frequent and at higher intensities. So do we still assign the original injuries to overuse injuries given the athlete was able to handle much more relatively quickly after?! A better term would be a training load error and something that a sporting physio can help you with 👌. This is a particularly important thing to know given the holidays are just around the corner 🎅!

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