A massive congratulations to our resident netball, pilates and now graduated dietician guru Naomi! Naomi has recently added to her Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Science with a Masters of Dietetics from the University of Queensland. We are all proud as punch!

After a well earned break, Naomi who is a Member of Dietetics Association Australia (DAA) will be coming on board to complement our growing multidisciplinary team right here at Praxis. She will be spread around most of our locations and she is keen to compliment our current patient services in physio, massage and reformer pilates.

For those of you who don’t know Naomi yet, she was born and bred on the Sunshine Coast and has always been passionate about food. Naturally, studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Science made sense but with an insatiable appetite for knowledge, she wanted more! That’s why the completion of her Masters of Dietetics degree is a an accomplishment to be savoured.

As an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD), she has a wealth of knowledge about how to make your diet and lifestyle work best for you! Naomi has experience with chronic disease prevention and management, weight management, general healthy eating and sports nutrition and performance. She is a bit of a book worm, with experience in research on topics ranging from broad topics on health for all body sizes to the effects brown adipose tissue.

Naomi has always loved cooking, and the amazing feeling of sharing good food with friends and family. She grew up as 1 of 6 siblings, so family dinners have always been quite the affair! She spends her spare time baking brownies and creating delicious new recipes (which we are all looking forward to trying!!). When she’s not in the kitchen she is out playing sport and Naomi has a background in athletics, AFL, and netball. Currently, she plays for one our Praxis affliated sporting teams – the mighty Brisbane North Cougars Netball Club in the Queensland State Netball League.

Congratulations again Naomi and welcome to the Praxis Team!

So if you or anyone you know has any questions regarding food, diet and healthy eating, Naomi is here to support you on your journey to creating a healthy sustainable lifestyle the whole way!

Yours in Health,

Team Praxis

Prevent. Prepare. Perform


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