This July marks the second birthday for Praxis Physiotherapy, Pilates & Massage. We are all so very thankful for all our support from our staff, patients, referrers and sporting organisations.

Our Principal physio’s Cameron and Stephen remain busy as ever. Stephen has had increased involvement with Cricket Australia completing tours with high performance cricket teams in Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Alice Springs and the UK with a tour of India coming up later this month. He is also busy as lead physiotherapist with the Aspley Hornets NEAFL team and continues to be a work horse in Sports Physio. Cameron has started looking after the UQ AFL club and has also been forging ahead with his athletic biomechanical screening protocols. He continues with his high level of clinical care with chronic and complex cases. His passion towards the industry, dedication to his patients and attention to detail in his work has been an inspiration!

This year saw a great deal of growth across the board. Firstly, we had Zac move from part time to full time physio spread between our X-Centre (Fortitude Valley) and Buranda locations. Zac has also been busy with Physio / Strength & Conditioning for the Brisbane North Cougars Netball team as well as the Ravens Grid Iron Club. Zac’s growth over the past year has been awesome to watch as he provides the highest level of care across Physio, Biomechanical Screenings and Clinical Pilates.

Emma continues to kick goals being full time at Club Coops (Carseldine) location looking after tennis and general members there as well as the QFA AFL team. Emma continues to impress, stepping up to take over management of Pilates at Club Coops and will be focusing more on clinical reformer pilates to manage osteoarthritis, lower back pain and post surgical rehabilitation.

We also had our newest addition to the physio team with Jarred coming on board in January. Jarred is helping Stephen with Aspley Hornets NEAFL football coverage as well as the junior players. We are very excited to watch Jarred grow as he already shows signs of becoming an absolute guru therapist. He has been taking the odd pilates class at Club Coops but predominantly is focussed on physio at our of Stafford and Club Coops locations.

We had Martine (aka Admin guru) come on board with us to help manage our growing business. She is often the lovely voice you hear on the end of the line when you call our central number and is often the one responding to emails. We’ve loved having Martine on board and keeping us all sane.

We have had our Remedial Massage therapist Nancy available for more and more sessions with us as she get closer to completing her Myotherapy degree. Marita and Kelly have also joined the Club Coops Carseldine location with some part time hours during the week. It has been great to have such dedicated therapists that we know meet the highest Praxis Standards.

We have also had Kylie hand the reigns of pilates management over to Karen, as Kylie returns to her full time work as a physiotherapist at the PA hospital. Don’t fear though, #queenkylie will still be instructing classes during the week! Karen joins the team with a wealth of experience in pilates and with Emma, will drive the next chapter for Praxis Pilates at both locations. Stay tuned for further developments in this area as Praxis Pilates looks develop our already boutique services.

Speaking of Pilates, welcome to Kristina, Tara, Ellie, Nicole, Chloe and Fiona who have joined our awesome team over the past year. We are so fortunate to have them all working at our Pilates studios at the X-Centre and Club Coops, these guys are amazing and instrumental in building both clinics from strength to strength.

This year we are also grateful for our relationships with supporting partners including Aspley Hornets Football Club, Cougars Netball, Bayside Ravens, Cricket Australia, Iconz Rugby, Club Coops, SNAP Fitness Buranda, X-Centre, Stafford Road Family Care, Connect Health & Fitness, Brisbane Knee & Shoulder Clinic, Buranda Family Medical Centre, MyHealth Medical, Teneriffe Family Doctors, Aspley Super Clinic to name a few. We can’t thank our partners enough for all the support they have given as we continue to strive to be the brand that will provide the ultimate care for clientele.

There have been so many other things to report on but the people is what makes us! We again would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone who has helped make us grow and enjoy every day at work! We have loved living the #preventprepareperform mantra and are excited what our 3rd year will bring!

Yours in health,

The Praxis Team


Changes in parasympathetic activity (as measured by heart rate, blood pressure and heart rate variability) and hormonal levels (as measured by cortisol levels) following massage result in a relaxation response.


A reduction in anxiety and an improvement in mood state also cause relaxation, and has been shown prior to sports to help lower performance anxiety.

Ultimately, what the above proposed mechanisms translate into a series of studied benefits on specific conditions. According to the Massage and Myotherapy Australia website, massage has also been shown to help:

  • Back pain
  • Arthritis
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Constipation
  • High blood pressure
  • Chronic pain​

All in all, massage provides good bang for buck when used in the appropriate setting. Our mantra at Praxis is Prevent Prepare Perform and as physiotherapists, we work in tandem with our qualified massage therapists to deliver the best results for a wide variety of conditions. Whilst, physiotherapy is focussed on the diagnosis and treatment of acute or chronic injuries, remedial massage enables a little more hands on time to truly address issues that our physiotherapists may have identified in their sessions. Further, massages offers a great medium for regular ‘tune-ups’ when the rigours of training and working take their toll.

We ensure that your massage experience is not only blissful, but productive for your rehabilitation as well. So if you have been swayed by the evidence, or just looking for that little reward, we are here to help!


Until next time – Prevent. Prepare. Perform


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