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Biomechanical Assessment

Praxis Biomechanics Lab

The ultimate PREVENT PREPARE PERFORM package!

This assessment is designed for athletes who want to take their training and performance to the next level. The Praxis biomechanical screening will highlight deficiencies and imbalances that will often hold athletes back or predispose them to injuries. Physiotherapists with exercise physiology and biomechanics qualifications will provide comprehensive advice along with a targeted and individualised exercise program based off the most current peer reviewed research.

Session 1 – Assessment and Screening​

This will take the best part of an hour and will involve a comprehensive screening as expected for elite athletes. This screening is designed to:

  • Discuss your injury history
  • Discuss your chosen sport and goals for the screen
  • Identify muscle weakness (compared to expected norms)
  • Highlight imbalances in strength, length and movement patterns

​Areas of assessment include:

  • Muscle strength testing using latest dynamometer equipment
  • Muscle length testing using the latest fluid goniometer equipment
  • Video capture of functional movement patterns

​Aim: Understand your motivation. Capture the deficits. See what you’ve got.

Time: 1 hour in clinic; (plus 2-3 hours of multiple physiotherapy analysis time between sessions)

Price: $125 (Private health rebates apply)

Session 2 – Follow up Assessment and Data Analysis Results​

Between sessions, our physiotherapists analyse the raw data and footage. They use this time to devise further specific assessments for your session in addition to explaining some of the preliminary findings.

Session 2 entails:

  • Tailored orthopaedic physiotherapy assessments
  • Advice and Eduction regarding raw data and vision
  • A detailed discussion of all results with all questions answered

Aim: Get specific. Highlight deficits. Find out the “why” you aren’t where you should be.

Time: 30 minutes in clinic (plus 2 hours of program development)

Price: $125 (private health rebates apply)

Session 3 – Exercise Prescription and Demonstration

Between sessions two and three, our skilled physiotherapists further refine their analysis of your Session 2 testing and begin the process of addressing any and all deficits highlighted. In clinic, patients are explained the rationale of each exercise and shown how to perform them, complete with feedback and training parameters.

Aim: Provide the tailored intervention. Give you the tools. Show you how.

Time: 30 minutes

Price: $125 (private health rebates apply)

If you are ready to perform better or are sick of getting injured, then this is the package for you. Utilise up to 7 hours of our skilled physiotherapist’s time to “Prevent. Prepare. Perform.”

Please contact us to find out more or to book in for a screening.