Do you have a ‘good’ and ‘bad’ shoulder? Have you been putting up with that grumbly shoulder for weeks, months or even years? Shoulder pain can but a real dampener on your activity levels – but it doesn’t need to!

We at Praxis, pride ourselves on taking the time to listen, assess and accurately diagnose your shoulder pains. Some of the more common complaints we hear are:

  • Sharp, dull, deep, aching pains around the shoulder
  • ‘Popping’ or ‘crackling’ sounds or feelings in the shoulder joint
  • Pain in the mornings after lying on that side
  • A feeling of the arm ‘separating’, ‘popping out’, ‘slipping’ or feeling unstable
  • Losing power when doing overhead tasks such as swimming, throwing or gym work
  • Pains, pins and needles and numbness down the arms or pain up into the neck
  • The shoulder feeling stiff and sometimes even “frozen”

So whether your symptoms are as a result of wear and tear or an acute trauma from sport, general life or occupation, we are here to help. The shoulder needs to be strong AND mobile so if yours isn’t, then contact us today on (07) 3102 3337 or book in online We are located at 4 convenient locations around Brisbane. Teneriffe, Woolloongabba, Bowen Hills and Carseldine.

Team Praxis,